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This is

Distracted euphoria

and I'm the Distracted Philosopher

Open your minds, loosen your morals, and lower your expectations
— Regis Jack

I'm Not Your typical Storyteller


With over 10 years experience in podcasting, I'm bringing passion to live speaking engagements -- to challenge preconceived notions of existence, to engage others to share, to promote peace and understanding, and in doing this I entertain and, if possible, offend some people.

I have created many thinking and personal performances in my podcast on a variety of topics, from podcasting, presenting, empowering yourself, meditation, listening, philosophy, gender, infinity, existence, suicide, and more, and I'm ready to bring those to a live setting for you to enjoy.

Each performance is usually between 18 and 30 minutes in length and will be adapted to your particular needs. Price varies depending content, length, location, size of audience, and various other factors -- and with me just starting out in a live setting -- let's just say I'm a cheaper (at the moment).

The best way to know if I'm the speaker you want, schedule a short Skype session below or contact me the old fashion ways.


I'm located in Charlotte, NC


Listen To disphor

Be warned, this will be offensive to some people - so now is your time to leave.
Really. Just turn it off and walk away. Just, walk away.

Disphor is short for Distracted Euphoria, the feeling you get from listening to my stream of unconsciousness. Most of the time it’s just me talking through my struggle with existence and things like: solipsism (my favorite ism), George Washington’s farewell address, the Invisible Pink Unicorn, marijuana, heterophobia, guns, God, government, the big bad penis, the wisdom of Mark Twain, Myley Cyrus' vagina, gender issues, naked people, dead people, suicide, infinity, other people's shoes, thinking, science, and a bunch of other stuff.

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Who AM I (and who cares)

I’m Regis Jack, also known as the Distracted Philosopher, also known as the Philacted Disphor. I'm passionate about storytelling, podcasting, writing, and generally being the weird one in pretty much every social situation.

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